Friday, January 29, 2010

Date Night!

Headband: Goody, from Target

Earrings: Stolen from my Mom

Necklace: Boutique in France
Cardigan: Old Navy
Camisole: Victoria's Secret
Wristlet: Coach
Pants: Delia*s
Shoes: Coach
I am super excited that I finally am getting a chance to use my new wristlet! I love how the springy color adds such a great burst of fun into this outfit. Anyways, tonight I am going out with my boyfriend to see the Book of Eli, so I just wanted a casual movie outfit. I was actually inspired this morning by my roommate, who first decided to pair black with gray today. I think they always look really polished together, because they are both neutrals.

Thoughts and Comments?

Have a great weekend!
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