Friday, March 19, 2010

Target Shopping Spree

While shopping at Target today for back to school necessities, I snatched up these obvious essentials. Okay, at least I had my team member discount on hand so I could make these purchases a little bit more justified.
Bathing Suits: Teal Top and Bottom, Purple Top and Bottom
Everything else is available in Target stores only.

I am in love with everything. The bathing suits are going to be perfect for this season. Okay yea I know- they are the exact same shape and everything, but they both work so well for me. At least I bought the suit in two different colors, to give me some versatility.

Next, the earrings are so timeless and classy. They had another pair as well, in a beautiful coral shade. To refrain from completely overspending, I passed on those unfortunately. Onto the headband. Although courtesy of Blair Waldorf headbands made their comeback a while ago, I'm just really getting into the trend now. I love this headband in particular however because it is the perfect mix of classy and fun for me. The black keeps it from being too extravagant, and the zippered bow keeps it from being too boring for my taste. As for the sunglasses, I don't really need a pair seeing as I have a perfectly good pair of prescription Kate Spade ones, but I just couldn't resist.

Also while at Target, I checked out the new Liberty for London line. Absolutely stunning! I found tons of really cool stuff while browsing today. However, nothing was an absolutely necessity (like the pieces above, of course) so I think I just wait until it goes on sale at the end of the season. And to those who think there will be nothing left- not true. I know if it's meant to be, there will be stuff that I like left.

Anyways, tomorrow I am off to Tyson's Corner for the second time this week-but for real shopping for me this time. Can't wait!

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