Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Words to live by....

“While clothes may not make the woman, they certainly have a strong effect on her self-confidence - which, I believe, does make the woman.”

Mary Kay Ashe

As of today, I am starting a new feature in my blog- a weekly quote that will usually be fashion-related, but not always. In addition to posting the quote, I will add some of my thoughts on it. Today was the perfect day to start with this new feature because I did not have any time for a daily outfit post, so I thought it would be nice to do a quote inspired post.

Anyways, I think this a really nice quote. I think if anything, that this quote should give us inspiration to think of something creative and different to wear everyday. A lot of the time, people will ask me stuff like "What are you so dressed up?" and similar questions of the sort. It can be hard to blow them off sometimes, but then I just remember- I get dressed up every day because it makes me happy. I don't care what anyone else thinks of what I am wearing, but I care about what I am wearing. Dressing up gives me self confidence and puts me in a good mood, so why shouldn't I be dressed up? Woah-rant over, sorry.

Thoughts and Comments?

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