Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Flowers and Denim...pt.2

Top: Betsey Johnson
Capri's: Juicy Couture
Shoes: AK Anne Klein iflex
Sunglasses: Kate Spade
Earrings: stolen from my mom
Necklace: Betsey Johnson (and because it's so hard to see, here is a close-up.)
Today was just another of the more uninspired days I have been having recently. I don't know what is this matter with me. Usually, I can always think of something really cute to wear, but any more its just been a chore. I think it is because the weather is bi-polar. One day its a sweltering 90 degrees, the next, a brisk 40. In my opinion, it's spring. So it should just be warm already!

Anyways, this morning while getting dressed, I remembered that I hadn't worn this top all year, and the weather seemed right, so I chose it to wear. I paired it with my new favorite flats (I love the exposed zippers looks!) and one of my favorite necklaces. I decided to go with capris to keep the look from being too dressy for class, and because I knew in shorts I would be too cold; pants too hot. Overall, I am pretty satisfied with this look. Will I ever wear the entire outfit together again? Probably not. But, it works for today.

Thoughts and Comments?
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