Monday, April 26, 2010

Vacation Ready

Jacket (borrowed from the rommate): Eddie Bauer
T-Shirt: Gap
Camisole: Ralph Lauren
Pants (borrowed from the roommate): Hollister
Shoes: Sperry
Belt: Gap
Necklace: Juicy Couture
Earrings: stolen from my mom
Today, I decided to add some excitement to my wardrobe by borrowing from my fortuitously same sized roommate. (Aren't I lucky?!) Anyways, these pants are of favorite of hers, so I thought I would try them out- and they are perfect for the rainy day that is taking place today. Because of the rain, I also added the boat shoes, which are perfect for keeping my feet warm, toasty, and dry from the omnipresent puddles on campus. Finally, the last staple, the jean jacket, was added to also keep me warm, and add some additional color to my outfit. Unfortunately, the real color of the outfit- my yellow and white striped shirt- is hard to see in the pictures! So, try to bear with me and just imagine lemony yellow put against a milky white. Overall, I feel like I am all ready for a vacation today, maybe on a yacht of some sort?

Thoughts and Comments?
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