Friday, May 14, 2010

Festive Friday

Dress: Bailey 44
Belt (borrowed from mom): Chico's
Sandals: Steve Madden
Earrings: stolen from mom
Necklace (borrowed from mom): craft show
If there is one thing I love about being home, it is that my closet expands about 400 percent. Being the same size as your mom really does have some perks, honestly. So, when I packed to come home for a week, I hardly brought anything with me, other than essentials, because I knew I could just spruce up my outfits with my moms wardrobe. This is really a plus because I wanted to leave most of clothes at school so they will be clean in time for my internship.

Anyways, enough drivel. Today I am off to a surprise party for a friend who will be returning from study abroad, so I wanted to look better than I usually do in the summer. Actually, I really ended up liking this look a lot. Well, other than the fact I couldn't get a good picture of the back of this belt (it's patterned fabric woven together-very cool!) But other than that, I love how this dress is so versatile, and I can't wait until fall to pair it with my brown BCBG boots.

Thoughts and Comments?

p.s-sorry for the weird squinted eyes thing...that's what my eyes usually end up doing in pictures without make-up.
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