Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Madness!

Me and my friend Melissa on the quad at the beginning of May Madness.
Bikini Top: Target
Shorts: Gettysburg Bookstore
Sunglasses: Kate Spade
Flip-Flops (not seen): Havaianas
Headband: Goody
Okay, I know, I know. This is a blog primarily about fashion, and this is not exactly my most fashionable moment. However, I basically spent the entire day sun-bathing, reading The Last Song, playing volleyball on the quad, going through the slip and slide with my roommate, and blowing grape-scented bubbles. I needed to wear a bathing suit, and anything else I was wearing had to be able to dry quickly-hence the mesh shorts. In conclusion, I hope this slightly explains the unfashionable attire.

Anyways, this weekend was fabulous. Friday, once everyone was out of class, I played tennis with a bunch of my friends during the day, then had a girls night and watched the Hannah Montana Movie (i know were kids...) while eating all kinds of munchies. Then to start off May Madness, during the afternoon yesterday, Hood's CAB (campus activities board) hosted quad fest-which was so much fun. Lots of good bands, and I was able to spend some nice quality time in the sun with my friends who will soon be leaving for summer. After the campus cookout, I played competitive ping-pong with my friends until Air Band. Which, was also super fun. In addition to getting a free Hood shirt, I was able to laugh uncontrollably for a good hour and a half.

Unfortunately, as a result of the weekends fun festivities, I have been stuck inside all day today. I just finished my french oral presentation on the origins of English words with French associations (think french fries, french kissing, french toast, french braids, etc.) which was very interesting. Now I am working on my photo portfolio review, which is rather tedious, but fun in a weird way.

Hope everyone had a great weekend-now back to the daily grind until finals week!
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