Monday, June 7, 2010

And I can't hide that I relied on you, like yellow does on blue.

Cardigan: Calvin Klein
Tank-Top: J.Crew
Skirt(borrowed from mom): I.N.C
Sandals: BCBG Max Azria
Bag: Coach
Sunglasses: Target
Earrings: stolen from mom
Bracelet: gift
I am in love with this outfit! Such a great way to show that I have finally broken out from my black funk/rut. Hopefully I can keep this up for the next couple of weeks though, seeing as it is summer and all. Plus, I do have some cheery outfits planned out, to keep me from going to back to black. I hope both of these help.

Yet again, I cannot say how much I love that I can always count on my mom to let me borrow something. I decided every week I would grab one or two things from her just to add a little extra spice and fun to my wardrobe. My favorite part about this, it's all free. Goodness, I am seriously lucky to have someone who doesn't mind at all sharing clothes. In her opinion, it's better than just letting things sitting on hangers. Score.

In addition, today has just been overall such a happy day! The weather today is gorgeous, not sticky hot for once, I didn't really have to do too much at work today other than make phones calls, I'm wearing a super cute outfit, AND I got a three hour lunch break today! Which, I spent strolling around the park with my boyfriend talking, and playing with all doggies that came up to us. Can't you tell how happy I am? Today has been a great day!

Finally, the lyrics that are in today's title come from this song (original and live). Doesn't it describe what I am wearing perfectly?

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