Monday, June 21, 2010


Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft
Camisole: gift from mom
Skirt(borrowed from mom): Michael by Michael Kors
Shoes: AK Anne Klein
Wristlet: Coach
Sunglasses: Target
Bracelets: Sergio Lub and Lenox
Necklace: Vintage
Another busy, busy day at work. Today I was off to a lecture by myself representing the company, so I wanted to look very professional. Of all the pieces I had borrowed from my mom this week, I figured this was the best piece to achieve that look.

Overall, I actually really like this outfit a lot. I think it looks very springy, fresh, and polished. Plus, I am pleased by the almost nonexistent black in this outfit. This skirt is my favorite piece of the look, it swishes around so nicely as I run around the office all of today. Plus, I think all of this jewelry is a great complement. Since finding this necklace, and remembering I had these bracelets, I have been wearing them a lot. Also, you may notice that I finally have another pair of high heels! Actually, I have a bunch of other pairs at home, but I finally remembered last weekend to bring some back to school with me. I think this works so much better than what I would have originally worn, my black patent high heel pumps (formerly my only pair of high heels at school). They look so delicate and feminine, just like the skirt.

However, does anyone think it is too match-matchy? Personally, I can be relatively OCD about clothes matching, so this works for me a lot. However, I know many people aren't really into matching, so I was just wondering about some other opinions on this look.

Thoughts and Comments?
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