Monday, January 31, 2011

My Scarf is Pink!

Shirt: J. Crew
Skirt: borrowed from the room
Scarf: BCBG Max Azria
Boots: Delia*s Warehouse Sale
Belt: Gap
Earrings: Eiffel Tower Gift Shop
Everyone kept saying my scarf was purple is magenta. Which is pink. NOT PURPLE.

I am exhausted, today was way too long of a day.
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Friday, January 28, 2011

Shades of Pink

Shirt: Victoria's Secret
Pants: Mavi
Shoes: Delia*s Warehouse Sale
Scarf: BCBG Max Azria
Belt: Gap
Bag: Coach
Earrings: gift

I actually got dressed on a Friday! Shocker, right? Well, it was just to go out to dinner downtown with a friend, but I ended up really liking this look. I love the pale pink and magenta combo paired with the khaki green and brown.
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Gift of Gilt

After I used O.P.I's "Gift of Gold" polish on my nails, I was ready to rave about it. I loved how the glitter COMPLETELY covered my nails in only two coats, unlike other ones I had purchased with the same intentions. (Even though in the previous post, that was the look I desired, the top part took at least six coats.) I loved the way they caught the light and sparkled all the time. I frequently caught myself staring at them, just absolutely mesmerized by their sheen and color. It was the perfect pick me up.

There is only one huge problem. I have had my nails done for only two days now, but for some reason, if I only slightly hit a nail on a hard surface, the entire coat of polish will come off on one nail. Like in one big piece, everything falls off. I have no idea why. But let me tell you, it has been a pain to touch up some of my nails entirely everyday. (three yesterday, and one today, so far.) I have never had this problem with another O.P.I polish before, so I am honestly not quite sure what has happened. Really, it's just annoying. Pin It

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Shirt: Forever 21
Camisole: Calvin Klein
Pants: BCBGeneration
Shoes: Delia*s Warehouse Sale
Belt: Gap
Earrings: gift
I feel like crap today. Absolute crap. But as I got dressed this morning, I was thinking that how I dress on my worst day, is how many people dress on their best day. These are my new skinny black jeans, by the way. I LOVE them. I have been waiting to find a pair for the longest time, and I finally found the perfect pair on my birthday shopping trip to Tyson's. Parfait!

In addition, I am almost positive that I am over thinking that black and brown could never go together. I had this notion for the longest time, and I am 100% sure that I am over it.
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Monday, January 24, 2011

Well this looks familiar.

Cardigan: Lilly Pulitzer
Tank: J. Crew
Skirt: BCBG Max Azria
Shoes: Delia*s Warehouse Sale
Belt: Juicy Couture
Necklace: France
Earrings: stolen from mom
Well, this is a familiar sight. Meyran 319, right in front of the dirty window on the back wall in a fabulous outfit (IMO). Albeit, it's been awhile. More than a month, to be exact. But, I'm finally back. Which means: 1. No khakis unless it's Saturday and I'm doing tours or I want to be really preppy; 2. I have all my clothes back- and places to where them and look presentable (like class.); 3. I'll actually do my hair again-woohoo!

I'm very happy to be back, and get back in the swing of things, but classes are definitely freaking me out. This morning, I had my first class: Communications 303, Advanced Reporting. After going over the syllabus and talking about what makes a good reporter, we were given are first assignment- interviewing a classmate, and writing a couple paragraphs about them. This wouldn't freak me out so much, but because we only had 30 minutes to complete the entire thing, I was freaked out. Now, I know this is what the real world of reporting is like. You get a task, you cover it, and then you come back and write a comprehensive and detailed story in a short amount of time. I get it, that's real journalism. However, I don't want to be a big journalist. I don't want to work at a newspaper. I don't want to undercover the next big scandal. I want to write about the fluff, the stuff that leaves people with good feelings. Personality profiles, and lifestyle-feature writing, in essence. I want to work at magazine, and not be under so much pressure like one would be at a daily (impossible, right?) but that's what I want. So this class freaks me out. But, at least I looked good. Right? RIGHT?!

I like this outfit a lot. It's a lot like this one I wore awhile ago, a combination of my neutrals, except with a touch of turquoise, this time. Despite it being 9 degrees this morning according to Weather Bug, I'm still sporting bare legs just like July. I don't know, weather doesn't effect me that much. Yes, it's cold. But dorms and classrooms are hot, and I hate being really bundled in a million layers, it's not me. Anyways, so that's how this look came about. On a side note, I really should have ironed this cardigan. Oh well.

It's good to be back. And I really, really hope to start posting more.Stay tuned!
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Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm not going to work today!

Jacket: Target
Shirt: Tory Burch
Pants: Mavi
Shoes: Delia*s Warehouse Sale
Necklace (borrowed from mom): Marc by Marc Jacobs

I have a lot of random thoughts on this look that cannot be summarized in a paragraph. So, we're in for a list.

1. I think just about every blogger has this $7 dollar Target blazer. Actually, I find that there are a lot of blogger basics that just about every blogger seems to have. Maybe I'll do a post on that one day. Anyways, luckily cashiering at Target for once had a benefit, and I was able to watch the perfect jacket drop to the lowest price, at which point, I bought it.

2. I'm going to miss borrowing everything from my mom on the days I do actually get dressed in non work clothes when I go back to school. Actually, I'm just going to miss my mom a lot. And her delicious, way better than dining hall food.

3. This is the first time I wore my Tory Burch striped tee without jeans. Yay for not taking a cop-out!

4. I am LOVING these new pants. I thought the extreme tightness might bother me when I bought it, but it really doesn't. Plus, for the first time ever, I didn't have to pull the ends of the pants to tuck them into my jeans.

5. It impossible taking photos of my outfits with no one home, no tripod, and no place to place my camera.

6. I'm not going to work today! Yesterday was my last day at Target, possibly forever, which I am thrilled about. To celebrate, I am going to the orthodontist, picking up my check, and going to the mall and movies with my best friend who is home for the weekend. WOOHOO
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

This little blog of mine, I'm gonna let it shine.

Happy first birthday, to the little blog in my life! The one that no one really reads, other than myself, but I don't really care. To show some appreciation for the blog in my life, I made these delicious funfetti cupcakes with vanilla frosting. Kidding folks. (haha, NOT!) But seriously, my mom and I made these just because it's Valentine's day kinda-sorta-not-really-soonish, so we had some fun making tasty cupcakes for the family. I decorated with iridescent sparkling white sugar on half, and cheerful red sugar on the other. They look beautiful! And just so happen to remind me of my job at Target. Can't win.

Anyways, in all seriousness (because that's a word,) I'm really happy that I started this blog. It gives me something just to write into whenever I feel like it. Which on some months, isn't much at all (aka this month.) Other times, like this summer, I fully enjoyed posting all of my classy work chic outfits in my blog. I've gotten to develop my writing style a lot more, which I know will be a beyond valuable resource when I go out into the job world. My style defined is a little witty, a lot sarcastic, filled with unknown musical references, and interspersed with adjectives that humans haven't used frequently in years. But that's me.

Well, I'm off to eat the cupcake seen above. I hope it's as good as it looks, and I can celebrate my blogs birthday for many years to come. (cue "The Best is Yet to Come" Pin It

Monday, January 10, 2011

Annual Queenstown Round-Up

So as I mentioned yesterday, I took my annual trip to the Queenstown Premium Outlets in Queenstown, Maryland. Although it is definitely a lot smaller than many of the outlets I have been to, they have a large variety of stores with excellent prices all around. I love that right after the holidays almost every store has the BEST deals. I really don't do too much shopping throughout the year other than two or three big trips with my mom, so I always have money for shopping after Christmas (unlike so many people who have overspent all year and have nothing left.) So, I was ready to go.
Here are my bags from the end of the day. Without spending a ton of money, I was able to get a bunch of things I wanted and needed for not a lot of money. And without sacrificing on quality. Win, win, win! Anyways, a small insider look at some of the things I got.
I picked up these really flashy gold Christmas inspired bows at Kate Spade. While to some they may just be a bit too much, I love the whimsical side that Kate Spade products have. Although many might save these for the next holiday season (probably why they were on sale for on $10,) I think mine might me making an appearance well before then. They are just too cute!

Also at Kate Spade, I bought yet another essential item for my wardrobe: this pink patent Christmas bow key chain! I have yet to decide what I will add it to yet, it will most likely be my keys or wristlet or something like that. I mean for only $4, I could not miss this super cute steal.

Well, that's just a little sneak peak! When I return from school, tune in to see me wearing some of my new purchases not shown here or from my trip to Tysons on my birthday! Pin It

Sunday, January 9, 2011


So, I've been really MIA on blogging recently, which I didn't want to do this year! But I have reasons, and legitimate ones at that, not that anyone really cares. But anyways, I've worked the last six days straight. My favorite kind of post, aka outfit posts, can't be done when I wear the same uniform every, single day. That would be boring. So my khakis (which have been in heavy rotation this week,) have been worn in two variations.

To the left, is my more common variation: my Target uniform. On the right, is my tour guide ensemble. Lovely, right? Anyways, I wasn't supposed to be working at Target at all this week, so I planned on doing some tours at school to make a little extra cash. Except then I got scheduled to work all the days I had off at Target, so there went that plan. In essence, I ran around like a nut in my khakis all this week.

BUT. Things will be better! I now have seven days left of work separating me from school! Plus, today my dad gave me his traditional Christmas present, and took me to the Queenstown outlets and out to lunch. Love it! So I can do a post on a couple of things I got there soon.

I swear, when I get back to school I will be a better blogger. January is just hard for me. I work almost all break, I don't have my tri-pod to take pictures, and it's not like I'm getting dressed for anything special anyways. Everyday after work I usually just collapse. But that's enough whining. I'm going to do something fun with my day off today (and tomorrow!) Pin It

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


The fact that I saw sunrise this morning makes me a little sad because I had to be up at this time to leave for work. I did manage to leave time to snap a couple of shots before I left, just because the sky awash with such beautiful shades, I couldn't miss the opportunity. Stunning, right? Pin It

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 Pieces of the Year

I have a lot of clothes. Two full closets: one at school, one at home. I have two full dressers, as well. In addition, tons of drawers of belts, scarves, jewelry, and other pieces. One day, I cannot wait to design my own walk-in closet (which I have never had before) and will be crazy organized. I will love it. ANYWAYS. What I was trying to say was as a result of all of my clothes, they don't all get the love they deserve. But some of them, are worn all the time. When I eventually have to part with them, it's hard. I can't imagine what I would do without them. So, without further ado I would like to do a round-up of my 2010 pieces of the year. Things that were shown so frequently in this blog, you didn't have to doubt that they were mine. Some were worn days in row, without a change. Either way, I love them all, and am quite happy to do a round-up of some of my favorite looks with them.

Brown Boots from Delia*s Warehouse Sale (purchased October)

Denim Jacket from DKNY (stolen from my mom in September)

Black Cardigan from Old Navy (purchased September 2008)

Skinny Jeans from Delia*s  (purchased March 2008)

So that's my round-up to 2010. Although all of these pieces are wardrobe staples, it fits me to a T. Ge quality basics, and embellish with lots of color and extra. Anyways, here's to whatever is going to happen this year- I can't wait to see the changes it will bring!
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Happy New Year!

While I wish I could say I rang in the new year with gold glittered nails, a short black dress, and with my friends and family; truth is I celebrated by myself, in our cold basement after getting off work late. Nothing like being at home, right? Enough of this pity party though. That's one of my non binding news years resolutions: no pity parties. Along with the usual; eat better, go to the gym more, study harder, read more, get an internship, be a better girlfriend etc. While some of those may never happen, I will certainly try my best.

So here's to making this year the best one yet!

And I'll leave you with some of my favorite Motion City Soundtrack New Years day inspired lyrics:
Together We'll Ring in the New Year-Motion City Soundtrack
This must be it.

Welcome to the new year.
The drinks were consumed,
the plants were destroyed,
and the hors d'oeuvres dismantled.
I'm not smiling
behind this fake veneer.
I am often interrupted
or completely ignored,
but most of all I'm bored.
I'm trying to find out
if my words have any meaning.
Lackluster and full of contempt
when it always ends the same.
Why won't she listen to me?
Why did I come?
Oh, why did I come here?
These humans all suck.
I'd rather be home
feeling violent and lonely.
I'm not trying to sound so insincere,
but the postcard that's taped to the freezer reads:
"Wish you were here."
How I wish I could disappear.
I'm trying to find out
if my words have any meaning.
Lackluster and full of contempt
when it always ends the same.
Heads up Damage Control,
there's a ring around her finger.
Last chance for changing lanes,
and you missed it by a mile.
Why won't she listen to me?
This must be it.
Welcome to the new year.
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