Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hippie Chic

Dress: Muse
Jacket: DKNY
Shoes: Minnetonka
Earrings: gift
Scarf: borrowed from roomie
Sometimes I really like to have themes for my outfits. Like "Catholic School Girl," "Martha's Vineyard Summer Prep," and "Badass Bitch," to name a few. I mean, nothing ever looks exactly how you may picture this kind of person, but it's still kind of fun to play pretend.

Today was one of those kind of days, if you couldn't tell. And today's theme? Hippie Chic. It all started with the boots. Whenever I wear these (also know as my Sacajawea boots), the outfit is kind of based around them. And it goes from there.

So when I saw the forecast for light rain (just like every other day this September), I decided to go with my water-resistant fringe boots. They are not exactly meant for heavy rain (hello, no tread), but they are fine for light misty rain. Anyway, so I knew the perfect complement would be this 70s inspired bright dress. I love the flared sleeves, and the way it slims over everything. Paired with my trusty jean jacket and my roommates purple scarf, it was the perfect rainy day pick me up!
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  1. This dress is too cute, have you ever tried a vest with it? I think it would really complement it. Personally, I think the scarf is a little bulky for the flow-y hippie look, I would even try having the scarf hang down over your chest then belting it straight across for that vest look. And I gotta say I love your Kate Moss boots! I've been wanting some fringe for much to long!

  2. I've always tried the scarf as the vest thing, but I have never gone through with it because it always ends up looking funny. I'll have to keep trying though, I see other bloggers doing it and it totally works!

    But I have never tried a vest with this - probably because I have never owned one. Maybe I should work on that...


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