Monday, September 12, 2011

Sailor Girl

Shirt: American Eagle
Shorts: Hollister
Shoes: Sperry
Bracelet: Forever 21
Belt: Gap
Earrings: Charter Club
Scarf: gift

Alright so here's my situation - I am still computer-less. It's been just about a week and a half now, and let me tell you, it's been one of the most painful week and halves in my life! You never realize just how much you are going to miss something until it's gone, right?
Anyway, I'm trying to stay optimistic. My new computer is supposed to be here any day this week, but until then, all of my friends have been very generous about letting me borrow their computers for the time being.

Now unlike last week, when it did not stop raining at all, it appears the weather gods have shined down on Maryland this week! So, I'm going to try and take full advantage of this and wear as many cute outfits as I can!

Today, I decided on this 3/4 sleeve navy blue and white striped American Eagle knit top. It is super comfortable, and the perfect transition piece for between fall and summer, which is why I decided to wear it today. In addition, I paired it with a green scarf for a pop of color, and white shorts to let the shirt and the scarf shine on their own. Super preppy as usual, n'est pas?

Hopefully you will be seeing me in dresses the rest of the week! I WILL wear all my summer dresses before it is too cold!
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  1. This is the cutest rain/ fall transition/ sunny outfit ever!!!! If the shorts are white jean I would totally wear this in the rain! It has been raining on my campus a lot too. I never know what to wear!!!! This is just so cute I love the boat shoes!

  2. @Camille- Thank you so much! You're comments always make me SO happy when I see them, lol. And of course the shorts are white jean! I wear them all the time in the summer because they go with everything!

    Plus, boat shoes are a great thing to have when it rains! Just not when it's raining too hard. If it rains too hard, they will get soaked and so will your feet. They are better to rain when it's drizzly, instead of rainboots which makes my legs all hot.


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