Monday, October 3, 2011

Classic Prep

Shirt: Ralph Lauren
Cami (not seen): Ralph Lauren
Pants: Lilly Pulitzer
Earrings: Charter Club
Shoes: Target
Belt (not seen): Gap
I don't know about you guys, but nothing to me screams prep more than a properly fitting button oxford shirt. So, whenever I'm in a rush and looking for something super easy to put together that still looks nice, I gravitate to my button downs, dark skinny jeans, and super soft moccasins. It's the perfect outfit for combating the Monday blues, and it makes me feel like I tried a lot harder than I did. Love it when that happens.

In addition, it's the best thing to wear when it's freezing outside, and you don't have a coat to wear. That's right people. It's Oct. 3, approximately 40 some degrees outside, and I don't have a coat to wear. But, I guess that's what happens when you haven't been home all semester, and you're getting dressed with the same closet of clothes that you brought with you on Aug. 20 (primarily consisting of sundresses, mini skirts, and light cardigans). Thankfully, I'm going home this weekend for fall break for a much needed long weekend, and to gather all of my fall and winter essentials. I can't wait until then!
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  1. I almost thought you weren't wearing any pearls! Then I saw them, hahaha


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