Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cloud and Set the Stage

When I decided to do my nails this week, for some reason I was really drawn to this lavender polish by Revlon called "Cloud". Although it isn't exactly an appropriate color for the beginning of December, I don't really care. It's such a pretty color, and despite how light it is, I think it looks really good with my skin tone.

In addition, I decided to do a french manicure style tip with by favorite gold glitter, Sally Hansen's "Set the Stage," for just a little twist (plus, it makes this a little more holiday friendly). Honestly, I love how it came out! However, it was a lot harder to do than I thought it would be. I wanted to get just the right amount of big pieces on each nail, and it was hard getting it to stay where I wanted it to. Overall, I think it took three swipes of gold per nail. And it's still not perfect. But, it's still pretty and festive, so I'm happy.

How are you guys doing your nails this week?
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