Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy Birthday + Gray Area

Seeing as this Thursday was my 21st birthday, I wanted to paint my nails with glitter and sparkles (okay, this isn't any different than any other week, but this just gave me an excuse). Plus, with New Years tonight, I seriously couldn't think of a better occasion to sport some glitter.

So my glitter of choice this week? Happy Birthday from Deborah Lippmann, naturally. I've been lusting over this polish for weeks now, but just couldn't bring myself to spend $18 on a bottle of nail polish. However, my mom surprised me on Christmas with this party in a bottle, and I'm so glad she did! I love it. It's full of mini glitter in all different colors, and multicolored hexagon glitter. Now, after already buying OPI's Rainbow Connection, it was interesting to compare the two polishes. I definitely think that Rainbow Connection is a good dupe, but the application of the Deborah Lippmann is much easier. Either way, love them both.

I paired Happy Birthday with Gray Area from Sally Hansen. I bought this a couple of weeks now, and I'm just getting to try it for the first time this week. Like Happy Birthday, I love it! The application of Sally Hansen polishes is really good, especially for the price. After only two thin coats, I had perfect even coverage. I can't wait to try this post in matte though - I think it will look even better like that!

And seeing as it's 11:48...happy (almost) new year! Pin It

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