Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sample Sale + Crown Me Already

I am LOVING my nails this week. With all the new polishes I received for Christmas, it has been really difficult to choose what I want to use each week. This week was no exception. However, I finally decided on Sephora by OPI "Sample Sale" and OPI "Crown Me Already!"

Considering that the Miss America competition was just last Saturday, this glittery polish couldn't be more fitting (it was made for the Miss America OPI collection). I am happy to report that unlike my other full coverage OPI glitter "Gift of Gold," this polish actually stays on my nails and doesn't come off in full chunks! Perhaps it is because I put a thin coat of "Sample Sale" on my ring finger first. Either way, I am happy that my nails look a lot like this picture even a week later with no touch ups.

Okay and I am really loving the Sephora by OPI polish. I've never used their brand before, but I got a 6-piece box set, so I was bound to try it sometime. The application is really easy, even considering how little this brush is. Plus, I only had to do two coats, which is pretty good.

I would give my nails an A+ this week, but unfortunately my index and middle finger ran into something before my polish dried completely and I got big bubbles. Le sigh.
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