Saturday, February 25, 2012

A week in iPhone Photos



1. Sporting my new Betsy Johnson sunglasses for the first time this year.

2. Pomagranite and Tangerine gelato in DC

3. Using neon pink and gold glitter nail polish to label my new USB.

4. King Cake on Fat Tuesday.

5. The many marks that were made to the first 17 pages of my honors paper...

6. Bus ride home after a long day in DC

7. Aviators and wind blown hair on a sunny day.

8. Well deserved red velvet soft serve after a 2.5 mile run.

9. Homemade angel food cake, strawberries and nutella.

10. My "engagement ring" from one of my best friends now that gay marriage is essentially legal in Maryland.

I haven't done a week in iPhone photos in FOREVER. I decided that I'm bringing it back though, because it used to be one of my favorite things to do. I apologize in advance to anyone who follows me on twitter and has seen these already.

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