Thursday, March 29, 2012

Interview Wear

Shirt: Theory
Camisole: Gap
Skirt: L.K. Bennett
Shoes: Lauren Ralph Lauren
Necklace: Vintage

Typically, when it comes to interview wear, I tend to lean on the conservative side. I stick to basic suits, pencil skirts, and button downs. However, sometimes I think there is a right time and place for something classy, but also a little different. This Wednesday, was one of those times. I had an interview with a brewery for a graphic design position. Because I was going for a job in the creative field, I felt like it was okay to do something a little different than usual (especially when the company is definitely very artsy).

I LOVE how this look turned out. A year or so ago, I would have never worn something like this. I may have seen someone wearing it and thought they looked great, but probably wouldn't thought I could pull it off myself. However, I'm so glad I have started blogging because it has really got me to branch out from what I normally wear. 

This is the first time I have gotten to wear this skirt, and I think it's so cute! It's made of this pretty chiffon fabric that swishes as you walk and it's just so cute. Plus these shoes! I think it's the first time they have made an appearance on the blog, and I think they are so sexy! Unfortunately, they kill my feet, so I can never wear them for very long. Overall though, I couldn't be happier with how this turned out.
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