Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This dress..

Jacket: DKNY
Dress: Ralph Lauren Rugby
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Erickson Beamon for Target

Okay I LOVE this dress! It's a recent find I bought at the Leesburg outlets in Virginia, and I absolute love it! Although I probably shouldn't wear something strapless to class, I think it's okay since I wore my jacket over it all day anyway. But I just love the soft pink color, the way it swirls around me when I twirl, the darting that helps me look skinnier than I actually am, and the length of this dress. Surprisingly, I really like this length. It looked a little awkward at first, but it's actually just right.

Plus, I can't forget to mention how good of a deal this was. It was originally priced at $138, marked down to $99, and then 75 percent off - making it just 25 dollars! Quite the steal, if you ask me.

Anyway, I can't wait to wear this in the summer. It's going to be the perfect addition to my summer staples. Until then, I'll just continue working my butt off to finish school!

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1 comment:

  1. lol why wouldn't you wear a strapless dress to class?! So cute, maybe if you feel uncomfortable wear a white tee under it!!! it will look cute!


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