Friday, March 30, 2012

A week in iPhone Photos

So I've titled this a week in iPhone pictures...which isn't exactly true. I've been so busy the past month or so, this is really more like the past month in iPhone pictures. Thankfully, I haven't been to busy to keep myself from snapping away. So without further we go! Hopefully I can get better about doing these again (and I say that all the time...)

I apologize in advance to anyone who follows me on Twitter and has seen these already. I'm on Instagram, too (heytherekatrina)!

1. The BEAUTIFUL earrings my boyfriend got me for our three year anniversary (they are my birthstone! Which one of the ones for December is blue topaz).

2. Sometimes, I find myself in my schools literature. Of course, one of my most flattering shots.

3. Essie Pink Parka nails which were perfect for spring break.

4. I was a fat kid over the break...homemade lemon meringue and apple pie.

5. Oh and red velvet Ben & Jerrys...delicious.

6. Sitting on the beaches of Ft. Lauderdale one day on spring break.

7. One of my best friends was in Paris over spring break, and brought back with her Laduree macarons for I have the best friends or what?!

8. Fooling around with instagram instead of writing my honors paper..

9. All the vintage candies I got at a candy shop in Florida. All were consumed in about one day.

10. Spotted yet again in school literature....uh

11. My new favorite lipstick. Coral is definitely my color this year.

12. My highest check in on foursquare to date. Yup, I'm a freak. Pin It

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