Monday, April 23, 2012

Off Duty Ballerina

Shirt: Juicy Couture
Camisole: Gap
Pants: J.Crew
Shoes: Minnetonka
Bag: Longchamp
Earrings: Nordstrom Rack

I've done plenty of structured writing for tonight. I think I'll just do this post in bullets.

1. My look was dubbed "off duty ballerina," several times today. I know you can't see it, but I have this cool braid/bun thing going on. It's really pretty cool - and I actually did it myself! And, I think this is the first title in awhile that I haven't minded. 

2. These are NOT leggings!! I don't wear leggings, ever. These are J. Crew minnie pants. Unlike leggings/jeggings, whatever, my PANTS have a real working zipper, and belt loops. Things that leggings do not have.

3. My shirt is really neon pink! I know in the photos it doesn't look very intense, but in real life, it's the brightest, most obnoxious, fluorescent neon pink. And I love it!

4. Note to self: don't wear suede moccasins when it's going to rain all day.

Happy Monday all! I'm hoping to be back on a regular posting schedule again.

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