Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Month in Instagram

 As I have started many of these post within the last couple of months, I apologize for just going completely MIA all the time. Although it's no excuse, I've been busy finishing the last couple of weeks at my internship, applying for jobs, and squeezing in the last few moments with my friends while I can. As of this week though, things are finally slowing down some, and I've been able to get back to working on my blog - like this post! I've been meaning to do it forever, but I am just now getting a chance. So without further ado, my week in Instagram photos has turned into the last month...but it's better than nothing.

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1. My vintage candy that I rewarded myself with after finishing writing my honors paper (mallow cups are my favorite!)

2. Nothing like a scenic walk in downtown Frederick.

3.Procrastinating while I should have been studying.

4. Robbin egg colored Whoppers...somehow so much better than the original ones!

5. Helping to raise awareness for one day without shoes.

6. First baseball game of the season in the nosebleeds.

7. I'm always on the hunt for the Lilly Pulitzer animal crackers!

8. Sometimes I get the weirdest cravings..

9. Red lipstick, big curls, and a vintage style dress.

10. Laying out on the quad...just because I have nothing better to do.

11. Grilled cheese and co is my new favorite thing EVER.

12. I blow bubbles to entertain myself.

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  1. You look absolutely gorgeous with this red lip! Def wear this on grad day... unless your gown is blue which I'm assuming it is from your senior day post.... sigh

  2. OK nevermind... the hat was blue. Wear the red lipstick!!!


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