Wednesday, June 6, 2012

DIY: Glitter Keys

After seeing this pin and this pin on Pinterest with pretty keys, I knew I had to make some of my own! I mean, how often do I find a craft on Pinterest that I can do with the supplies I have on hand, in a short amount of time, and easily? The answer: not too often. So, when I saw these pins and remembered I had some old keys lying around, I got to work!

1. Find some old keys!

2. Add a small strip of tape right under the tops so you have a clean line. I would recommend painters tape, but scotch was all I had on hand.

 3. Gather all necessary supplies, aka nail polish and glitter.

4. Paint three coats of nail polish. (If you're OCD like me, make sure to get the sides of the keys! I just made sure I had one coat so the silver wasn't completely obvious.)After the third layer of nail polish, sprinkle on enough glitter to cover the surface. Shake off loose and excess glitter.

5. Wait about an hour, or until completely dry. Repeat on the other side.

6. When both sides are completely dry, remove tape, and tap off any extra glitter.

And that's it! Just the way I like my craft projects: simple. When you're finished, you'll have something like this:

I bet you guys are wondering what nail polish and glitter I used. Here's the list:

(I'm using the last photo for reference.)
Key 1 (lavender polish with lavender glitter): Revlon "Cloud" and Diamond Pastel Lavender-ultra fine glitter.
Key 2 (rainbow glitter): OPI "Rainbow Connection" and Deborah Lippmann "Happy Birthday" nail polish.
Key 3 (neon pink polish and glitter): Essie "Pink Parka" and Neon Electric Pink Glitter.
Key 4 (light pink with white glitter): Essie "Van D'Go" and Diamond Pastel Pink-ultra fine glitter.
Key 5 (purple with dark purple glitter): Essie "Sexy Divide" and Metallic Purple glitter. 
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  1. If they are old keys are you just going to use them as a key chain decoration? And I saw this too I thought it was really cute!!


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