Saturday, June 2, 2012

Graduation Gifts

It's that time of the year - graduations galore! Last year alone, I went to three different graduations: my older brothers from college, my boyfriends college graduation, and my younger brothers high school graduation. Thankfully, this year I was not subjected to listening to 400+ students have their name called and sitting around in scorching hot weather. Except of course, for my own graduation.

However, despite the fact that I didn't attend any graduations, I was invited to many graduation parties for high school and college graduates. To me, these parties are an excuse for the graduate to get gifts and money so I didn't have one. But that's my personal opinion.

Anyway, if I'm going to go to these parties, I can't come empty handed! At the same time, I am not that boring that I'm just bring a check or a gift card. Oh no, I'm way more creative than that.

So for my neighbors high school graduation, I came up with the perfect graduation gift : a get ready for college kit! I remember when I went to college I had no idea where to start - shopping for dorm life is so overwhelming! I decided to make a kit with some of the necessities that everyone seems to forget when they go to college. That way, the graduate can spend all of the money they get on the fun stuff, like the bedding and other accessories.

Below is the list I sent to her. It lists all the contents of the kit plus some of my witty commentary.

Tide Pods – So you don’t go home to do your laundry. Better yet, so you have clean clothes. These little pods are awesome because you don’t have to drag an entire thing of detergent down with you to the laundry room. No excuses for dirty clothes!

Dryer Sheets – So you can have fresh smelling, static-free clothing. Self-explanatory. However, they also work for stinky shoes too!

Sewing Kit – At some point during your college career, a button will pop off your favorite shirt or you’ll need to sew a hem. This kit is a lifesaver. Plus, no one else ever seems to have them. You will make friends with everyone in your hallway when they know you have this. True story.

3M Wall Stickies – So you can hang awesome stuff on your wall. The 3M sticky things are the only poster stickers worth buying because they actually don’t leave marks on your wall! Anything else will leave a mark, and you will spend the last couple days every spring semester trying to get crap off your wall (like my roommate and I so frequently did).

Room Spray – Your room will smell. Whether it’s from a party you had in your room last night, or because you bought Chinese take-out – it will smell. Leave your room smelling fresh again with this tropical smelling spray!

Scissors – For cutting the tags off a new dress, opening a well-taped packaged, getting rid of a loose string, or cutting up extra flash-cards, scissors will help you out.

Highlighters – You got to study sometimes! And when you do, don’t highlight everything. Highlight what’s important with bright colors, and it will help your brain remember during an exam. Or, be the coolest girl at the highlighter party with an array of neon colors. Have it your way :-)

Bobby Pins – Keep your bangs off of your face, maintain a fancy up-do, and keep some on hand in a wristlet for your friends. Trust me.

Stapler – Like the sewing kit, everyone seems to forget their stapler when they go to college. Don’t forget to staple your papers so the professors don’t lose anything!

Dish Soap – Wash. your. dishes. Seriously, you now have no excuses for dirty dishes. And do not forget to wash your water bottle! Even though it only has water in it (or you know, juice…) it smells DISGUSTING if you don’t wash it out every once and awhile.

Bandaids – You get a paper cut, you have the worst blisters from wearing four-inch heels, or you cut yourself shaving – have no fear! You have bandaids. Carry some of these in your wristlet too, seriously.

Gum – Fresh breath anytime, anywhere. Keep some of this handy when you’re in class; if you feel yourself falling asleep during a really boring lecture, pop half a stick and chew. The flavor should pick you up in addition to concentrating on chewing…until you’re falling asleep AGAIN. That’s what the other half is for! By the end of the second piece, class should be over!

Chapstick – For soft, smooth lips on the go. Vanilla is the best!

Trash Can – I couldn’t just throw everything in a basket, could I? I had to find a creative container. So I decided to use this trash can, which you’ll need to throw all your trash in, obviously.
What do you guys think? Anyone else have a creative idea for a high school graduate? I'm thinking of doing something similar for my college graduate friends, except it would be a kit for their first place! Pin It

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