Friday, June 1, 2012

Maxi Skirt = Midi Dress

Skirt (worn as a dress): James Perse
Shoes: Steve Madden 
Belt: Alfani
Sunglasses: Betsey Johnson

What is this? A seemingly ordinary outfit post? It can't be! Well I assure you, it's me. No need to check the URL or refresh the page, outfit posts are back! At the very least, I'm trying. I know I've been pretty moody and pensive the last few weeks, but I'm trying to remember why I started this blog to begin with! Of course, I like the other stuff too, but I'm not sure that everyone else does. Not that it really matters since this is my little corner of the Internet, but I'm just saying. 

Today I had nothing planned. Nothing! This is kind of shocking to me, seeing as I haven't the summer to myself since I was a junior in high school. Prior to this summer, I had spent every summer beforehand hating my job working guest service at Target. This month, I finally had the nerve to quit and am free! Well, not really, since I'm basically spending my time searching for a full-time job. But I digress.

Anyway, I say that because even though I had nothing planned for today I still wanted to look nice. Even if all I was doing was running out to the grocery store and the car dealership, I don't want my beautiful closet sitting around collecting dust this summer. So I'm going to try and be better about that.

I started by taking an idea I saw on Pinterest - taking a maxi skirt and wearing it as a dress! This year, I have been loving all things maxi (after hating on the trend for so long), and I love finding ways to get more wears about of my clothing! This was so easy! However, to keep the skirt from looking too shapeless, I paired it with this leopard print belt. 

What do you guys think about maxi skirts as dresses? I need more maxi skirts!!
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