Friday, June 29, 2012

A week in iPhone Photos

I spent almost all of last week in NYC and had SO much fun! Before I went to college, my mom, aunt, and I used to go to NYC twice a year (in the summer and in the winter) for a couple of days to see a show or two, and shop of course! Once I was in college, doing that was near impossible with all the school work I had to do and working two/three jobs at a time. Now that I'm unemployed for the time being (yay...) I actually had a chance to join them again! It was just like old time. To capture all the fun I had, here's my week in Instagram - the NYC edition.

1. Splitting lunch on the first day with my mom - a chicken sandwich with bacon and tomato on a pretzel roll, sweet potato fries, and garlic green beans. Yum!

2. My mom buys things in Bloomingdales, I take pictures of myself in the Kate Spade section.

3. Drinking lemonade from a local Maryland company (yay Maryland)!

4. I am the biggest 6-year-old you've ever met. Pigs in a blanket at Bolmor Lanes!

5. One of the lanes at Bolmor Lanes had a clown theme...

6. Nothing like walking by Radio City every night back to my hotel.

7. Overstuffed burritos with lots of gauc, please!

8. Reflection on the globe outside of United Nations. This was our tourist destination for the trip!

9. We could not figure out for the life of us why so many people were doing yoga on Broadway on a 100 degree day. Turns out they were celebrating the summer solstice. And there were over 14,000 people.

10. Inside United Nations. So cool!

11. These shoes are TOO cute! The soft fabric, the pretty lavender shade, the peep toe, and the feathers! The question is...where would I ever wear these other than to a wedding?

12. Best way to enjoy the 3 hour train ride home? A seasonal key lime donut (actually so good, don't judge) from Krispe Kreme and a trashy romance novel on my Kindle! Pin It

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