Saturday, July 7, 2012

Aruba Blue and Just Crown Me Already

For this weeks manicure, I wanted to do something festive to celebrate the fourth! However, seeing as I am not very coordinated (and therefore can't do anything fancy), I liked to stick to the accent nail, which makes me look a lot cooler than I actually am. To spice it up, I painted my pinkie finger instead of my ring finger. Crazy, right?!

I decided to use Essie's "Aruba Blue," because it is the perfect shade of American blue. It applies smoothly, and after just two coats, looks perfect! Plus, I like that the color has a lot of dimension to it; it's not just a flat blue. For my pinkie finger, I used O.P.I's "Just Crown Me Already," from the Miss Universe collection. It's the perfect silver sparkle, lots of different sizes of glitter! And as an added bonus, it's one of the few glitter polishes that doesn't flake off in on piece after just a day! Pin It

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