Thursday, July 5, 2012

College Graduate Gift

Last month, I did a post about the perfect gift for high school graduates: the dorm starter kit! However, most of my friends are recent college graduates, so that wasn't a very fitting gift. So, for my college friends I concocted something very similar, except it's for their first place! I love this gift idea! You can spend as much money as you like buying a lot of stuff (or just a couple of things), and they will totally appreciate it. Plus, much more creative than just handing over some money or a gift card - the lazy way out.

When you first move into a new place, all you do is spend time running out to the store to get odds and ends. This will save the gift recipient  a lot of time, and then they can save their gift cards for things they actually want to buy (like new sheets, or cute furniture). My main goal for the gift was to buy all the stuff that's not very exciting to get - and I think I did just that! Anyway, here's what I included in my kit:

1. Reusable Shopping Bag -  This is the perfect thing to store your gift it! Once they have gone through their present, they can reuse the bag for all the trips out to the store that they will have to make!

2. Laundry Sheets - For soft, clean-smelling laundry. I wouldn't recommend buying detergent, just because you don't know if they will have an HE or regular washer. However, almost everyone uses laundry sheets!

3. Bandaids - Ripping through boxes, someone is eventually going to get a cut. Plus, it's always good to have these on hand (especially when you are as clumsy as I am).

4. Tissues - This is another thing that's not very exciting to get. However, you can save your gift recipient some time and money if you get this for them!

5. Windex - This is something you'll definitely want to include, especially if the recipient is moving into an older place, or is pulling stuff out of storage. If you include this, they will be able to clean off anything dusty right away.

6. Sharpies - Great for getting organized once you move in. Or, if you give the gift before they get moving, they can be used to help pack everything up!

7. Measuring spoons - The perfect small gift that you can provide for their kitchen. Most kitchen appliances and tools can be pretty costly. However, measuring spoons are completely affordable!

8. Trashbags - If you've ever  moved, you know there will be a lot of trash just from the first couple of days (packaging tape, dried out sharpies, take out containers, etc). It's essential to get trash bags sooner rather than later!

9. Tape - I always seem to need tape.

10. Pledge - Same tip as with the Windex. You may need to dust off furniture from storage, and a little goes a long way for a fresh, clean-smelling home.

11. Clorox wipes - I'm not really a germophobe, but you're going to want to have some Clorox wipes on hand when you move in. Who knows the last time the doorknobs were cleaned, or the counters were wiped? It's better just to be on the safe side.

12. Clips - I have no idea where all the chip clips came from in our house. It was always one of those things we always just had on hand. However, I don't think that's how most new homes work. So, provide your new homeowner with some clips so they can keep all their snacks fresh!

13. Sponges -  You can't let the dirty dishes pile up forever!

14. Dishwasher packets - When you're too lazy to wash dishes, these dishwasher packs are great!

15. Strainer - When you're a young recent graduate, you're probably pretty poor too (you know, with all those student loans). You're going to be hungry too. The answer? Pasta. Which means you're going to need a strainer. Great for draining canned vegetables too!

What do you guys think? Any good ideas for a recent college grad? Pin It


  1. I wish to receive these...anyone would like to receive
    Send gifts to pakistan this on graduation.

  2. This is awesome to give someone! I wish I was moving into a place, alas I will be here for a while in the same room for 22 years


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