Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Instagram Catch Up

As usual, I'm behind on my Instagram posts. I'm not quite sure how that always manages to happen, but it does. Hey, at least they are getting done, right? Better late than never. Also, has anyone noticed that all my Instagram photos are almost always of food/drinks? I need to get better at taking some live action shots.

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1. I'm pretty sure ALL Kate Spade packaging is adorable. My new glasses case was no exception.

2. My new glasses! Completely different from my last pair, but I love them!

3. Strawberries, cream, chocolate, and pie crust. I can't think of more perfect dessert.

4. I am a good cupcake decorator.

5. Why does everyone hate Necco wafers so much?! I LOVE  them. I actually love a lot of the vintage candies. Also, Essie's Aruba Blue, one of my favorite nail polishes.

6. Margaritas with sugar rims.

7. Limited edition KEY LIME Ben and Jerry's? Oh I had to try this! I love anything key lime, so I knew this would be perfect!

8. Bucket list: trying just about every froyo place out there. So far, I can cross off Yogi Castle, Tutti Frutti, and now Sweet Frog! In case anyone was curious, I got key lime (of course). Paired with graham cracker topping and marshmallow sauce, it was just like key lime pie!

9. I talk about how I am OCD all the time. Moments like this, prove it.

10. I hate rainy days. The only thing good about them is pulling out my bubblegum pink Hunters.

11. My t-shirt quilt! I spent the last four years of my college career collection every free shirt that I could. After graduation, I had them all sent here. Two weeks later, I was sent one of the coolest blankets in the world. I couldn't be happier with out it turned out.

12. I saw this while cleaning my Grandma's this week. Would I agree? I'm not sure.

And last but no least...

13. This is a view of the floor after my last hair cut. So much on the floor! I was freaked out, and wasn't sure if I was going to like what I saw in the end, but I did! Stay tuned to see my new look! Pin It

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