Monday, July 2, 2012

Madras #ftw

Camisole: Gap
Skirt: Tommy Hilfiger
Shoes: Sperry
Belt: Gap
Necklace: Lilly Pulitzer
Sunglasses: Betsey Johnson
Bag: Coach

If you watched the summer haul video I made recently, you may recognize this skirt. As I mentioned in the video, when I saw this skirt at Macy's, it reminded me of the ever popular madras skirt that American Eagle sold about 7 years ago (not even kidding). Naturally, I never had that skirt, but I remember all the cool kids in high school had it. At the time, I didn't really like it too much, I think I mostly wanted it because it was so popular. (oh high-school insecurity...)

Anyway, so fast forward to this summer. I'm doing some shopping at Macy's, and see this skirt in the Tommy Hilfiger section. For some reason, I was very attracted to it. Now, that may have been because I have been wearing preppy ensembles more and more frequently, or because it was 40 percent off. Or, it could have been because I could imagine it pairing so well with many pieces in my wardrobe.

Obviously, I bought the skirt and I love it! For my first pairing, I kept this outfit super preppy and simple with a basic white camisole, the original Sperry's, and a long necklace. I realize this is a pretty simple outfit, but I can't wait for all the fun combinations I will think of in the future!

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