Sunday, July 29, 2012

Organizing Your Hair and Beauty Supplies

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you have probably picked up a couple of things.

1. I am obsessively organized. Some people call that OCD. 

2. I LOVE pretty packaging. If something comes packaged in a really nice way, I tend to keep it.


3. I'm relatively a hoarder. But I'm an organized hoarder. That's probably an oxymoron.

Anyway, in light of all of my unique characteristics, I wanted to write a blog post that briefly touches on all of these topics. Today, I'm going to talk about how I organize my beauty supplies. 

Like I mentioned earlier, I can't resist beautiful packaging. So whenever I buy a cosmetic product, a piece of jewelry, or anything that comes in packaging that I can't resist - I keep it! For the most part, all of this beautiful packaging sits in one of my cabinets until I find the perfect use for it. Hopefully this post will give you some inspiration on cheap and easy ways to organize, without making a trip to the container store.

At one point, this container was used to hold cookies and cream flavored malt balls! YUM! I think I got this for Christmas one year. Anyway, I saved the container, and recently discovered it is the perfect size for all of my hair clips! So much cuter than a traditional cup.

At one point, this was a salsa jar! However, I made it more appropriate for comb storage by removing the label, and layering yellow and pink tissue paper over it. With this container, I can easily see all of my combs, and I never lose them!

Definitely not the most beautiful of all my packaging, but this was once used as a chocolate box. I guess it kind of has a little sentimental value, because it was given to me when I completed my first internship. Anyway, now the box is perfect for bobby pins.

When I first received this container, it had my Easter candy in it! Now, I use it to hold all of my hair ties. 

Originally, this little container held the cutest Lilly Pulitzer pen! I found this was the perfect way to store all my make-up brushes. Although this probably wouldn't be enough space for most people, it's just right for my small stash.

At one point, this was a box for a Tommy Hilfiger watch. Now, it holds all of my cotton swabs! This box was too cute to get rid of.

This has got to be my best storage idea yet! Just last week, my mom got an entire new bedding set from Kate Spade (swoon). Anyway, when I saw the containers the bedding came in, I knew I was keeping all of it! Just a couple of days later, I realized that the package that held  the sheets was perfect for all of my rollers! This would be a great container to use for travelling as well.

Do you guys have any unique ideas for beauty product storage?
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  1. I hope you bought all of your kate spade sheets at tj maxx!!! LOL I use a vegas shot glass for bobby pins and q tips. And I also keep all pretty boxes... I mostly just use them for wrapping presents though lol

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