Monday, August 13, 2012

Walking Contradiction

Jacket: Betsey Johnson
Pants: J. Crew
Shirt: Victoria's Secret
Glasses: Kate Spade
Shoes: Hunters

If you read my most recent outfit post, you would probably tell me that this outfit was a contradiction of everything that I just said. Unfortunately, I would have to agree with you. But of course, this is how things like this always turn out. After all my whining about just how hot and humid it has been, today it poured just about all day and was only in the 60s! A complete 180 from how the weather has been recently.

Anyway, a typical rainy day like today usually means that I would lounge around in sweats, eat junk food, and watch Gossip Girl. However, of course I had plans today! Which meant I got to wear my cute new rainy day outfit staples - like my bubble gum pink Hunters!

I've been waiting to get Hunters forever, but I just couldn't justify the price. Plus, there were so many colors to choose from - I couldn't pick just one. I decided I would just ask for Christmas, and put them out of my mind. However as I'm sure you all know, just when you stop looking for something is exactly when you find what you're looking for (like my Theory shirtdress). So, while shopping at the Nordstrom rack near my boyfriends (which I swear is where I get all my best deals, like my Burberry sweater), I found these Hunters! It was the only pair they had, they were my size, and they were on super clearance since they had been previously owned. When I saw they were only $30, I knew I just had to have them! I was not going to find a better price, and I loved the cheerful color. 

I also got to wear my new raincoat! I resisted buying a raincoat for a long time because I wouldn't buy one that didn't have a hood. What's the point of getting a raincoat if it doesn't have a hood? So when I saw this versatile hunter green color Betsey Johnson on sale at Nordstrom Rack (I'm telling you, my favorite store), I jumped on it! I love all the pockets, the fun zippers, and of course the hood.

To finish off my rainy day outfit, I decided on my J. Crew minnie pants, and a super soft cotton tee shirt. This was the perfect outfit to fight off the rainy day blues, and I'm happy I got to wear some of my new rainy day pieces!

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