Friday, August 31, 2012

White Chocolate Pretzels

After making those fabulous red velvet cheesecake cookies, I had almost half a bag of white-chocolate chips left over. With the weather being as hot as it has been, I wanted to use them up ASAP. Otherwise, they were going to melt. However, I wasn't in the mood for a time-consuming and complicated recipe. So, I decided to make one of my favorite unhealthy snacks: white chocolate pretzels.

I used this recipe to help me out a little bit, but it's really not that hard to do. I'll post a really quick "recipe" in case you aren't sure where to start. Please note how loose this recipe really is.

White Chocolate Pretzels
-pretzels (as much as you want)
-white chocolate chips (as much as you have)

1. Empty of all the white chocolate chips into a microwave safe bowl. On low heat (about 60-70 percent), microwave the chips in 30 second intervals, stirring occasionally. While the chips are melting, line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.

2. When the chips are completely melted, take a small handful of pretzels and immerse them in the melted chocolate. Using a fork, fish out pretzels one at a time, transferring iced pretzels onto the cookie sheet. Decorate with sprinkles immediately.

3. Freeze the pretzels until chocolate hardens. I found that this took about an hour, but you could probably leave them in for another hour just so you're absolutely sure. Enjoy!

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