Thursday, September 20, 2012

Merino Cool and Facets of Fuchsia

Wow - it's been nearly a month since I've done my nails! I guess things have been pretty busy. But now that it's beginning to feel more like fall everyday, I wanted to start using some of my cooler colored nail polishes. Out with the hot pinks and fiery reds, in with shades of gray, navy blue, and maroon.

This week, I decided to go with Essie's "Merino Cool." Although I got the polish sometime last year, this is my first time using it. Unfortunately, the color didn't translate very well in my photos. Here, it looks 100 percent gray. In real life, it's a little easier to see how it's mostly gray, with some purple tones. It's an interesting color, to say the least. Definitely not my favorite, but a good fall shade. 

For my ring fingers, I used one of my favorite glitters, Revlon's "Facets of Fuschia." This glittery has a murky deep purple base with purple hexagonal pieces. Super easy application, and a really fun color!  
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