Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A week in Instagram

As usual, here is my week in Instagram. If you want to follow me, my username is heytherekatrina. Looking for me on Twitter? Click here.

1. Here's a close-up of the chunky Kate Spade bracelet I wore last week. Isn't it perfect for fall?

2. I spotted these super cute salt-and-pepper shakers at Pier One last week. Is it sad I only want my own place so I have a legitimate excuse to own stuff like this?

3. The container store is my happy place. I can't be left alone in there...I would buy everything.

4. I bought a bag of this Chicago mix popcorn at TJ Maxx. Holy deliciousness! Good thing it was a small bag...I could eat so much more.

5.A blooming rose in my bouquet.

6. My idea of classy decorating? A dozen roses and a glass container full of pretzel M&M's. Both gifts from my friendship anniversary.

7. While shopping at Bloomingdales this weekend, I ran into a runway show for Anne Klein. Okay Tysons Corner, step down. This is not New York fashion week.

8. My family was dogsitting this weekend for a family friend. While walking their dog, Koa, I realized how it's never me taking the dog for a walk, but the dog dragging me along. I can't keep up!

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