Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A week in Instagram

As always, here's what my life has looked like through the lens of Instagram. Again, please note my every effort to take less photos of my food.

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1. Looking up at my zebra print umbrella on a rainy day.

2. Zebra print on zebra print! I just can't get enough.

3. The sky while driving into Silver Spring, Md. on Tuesday. Doesn't it look ominous?

4. I wasn't sure how these vanilla cupcake flavored goldfish were going to taste. Let me be honest. I ate the whole bag in two days. That good.

5. I couldn't help but notice these beautiful fall leaves while hanging out at my alma mater. I love the contrast of the red against the cloudless blue sky.

6. I seriously can't get enough of the fall leaves on my afternoon drives down Rt. 29. Gorgeous.

7. I'm currently reading a book on grammar, a trashy romance novel, a book meant for 16 year-olds, a marketing study on Trader Joe's, and Tina Fey's autobiography. Could my selection of books be any more eclectic?

8. I found all my old Beanie Baby trading cards while helping my mom get rid of stuff today. All I kept thinking was, "why did I ever want to buy so much junk?"

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