Friday, November 9, 2012

Bare to Be Different and Looks Like Rain Deer

With the holiday season just weeks away, I couldn't resist breaking out full-on glitter for this weeks manicure. I started with "Bare to Be Different" from the Sephora by OPI holiday (2011) collection. I wanted the shimmery gold glitter to have full coverage, so I thought it would help to start with a simple nude underneath.

The gold I decided to use is "Looks Like Rain Deer", also from the Sephora by OPI holiday collection. I love that this glitter actually isn't super flashy. It's very pretty and soft looking. Personally, I love how it looked with just two coats over the pale pink. Then for whatever reason, I decided to go with the third coat and ended up with this. Still pretty, but not as champagne colored as the second coat. 

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