Friday, November 30, 2012

Broadway Impress Nails Review

When I was sent these Broadway Impress nails in "Space Cadet" to review courtesy of Influenster, I was excited, but skeptical at the same time. I've never worn fake nails or gotten acrylics, as I have always thought they were immature and could damage your nails. However, I liked the design of these nails and heard they weren't damaging, so I was ready to give these a shot.

These nails were super easy to apply. After you remove your old polish, you use the included prep pad to prepare your nails for the press-ons. Then, they instruct you to take out all the nails, and match them up to your nails. The container contains 24 different nails in 12 different sizes, and all of the nails are numbered on the back so you can easily match them up. This ensures that you will get at least one perfect manicure. Once you have your 10 nails lined up, all you have to do is remove the clear backing, and press the nail onto your nail for a couple of seconds. How easy it that?  No glue, no waiting around for nails to dry - nothing!

I really wanted to trim my nails after I applied them, just because long nails don't look natural on my hands. The package recommended that I wait at least 30 minutes before trimming, and then you should have no problem with shaping your nails how you like them. The above photos are how my nails looked after I cut and filed them.

I lost my first nail (my index) on Tuesday, about two days after I applied the nails. As I had only had them on for two days, I applied another nail, and though nothing of it. Later that night, the same nail fell off again. At that point, I was just like "well, I'm just going to take them all off then." The company claims that they should last for at least seven days, and I completely believe them. I used my nails while ripping opening packages at work, typing on the computer, cooking, cleaning, etc, and had no problems other than with my index finger. I truly believe they would have lasted the full seven days had I not picked the rest off. The adhesive was really strong, but not strong enough to damage my nails when I took them off.

Overall, I really like this product! Do I think I'm going to stop my nails weekly and switch to this? No, not really. It's just more cost efficient to do my own nails. However, for a special occasion or a once in awhile treat? Absolutely. The nails come in over 30 designs, so they would be perfect for a wedding, a party, or any of the holiday festivities coming up!

So what do you guys think? Would you ever try these nails?

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