Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Desk

When I am in my room, I spend a lot of time at my desk. I write blog posts, paint my nails, make to-do lists, apply to jobs, and so much more.Unlike most people though, I hate lounging around in my bed - I don't get in until I am just about to go to sleep! So, when I saw this post from College Prepster about her friends desks, I was inspired to do a post of my own.

Here's a breakdown of the two photos above:

Photo 1

Sony Vaio - After my first laptop died in September of my senior year, I was forced to buy a new one - fast! With the help of my boyfriend, in less than two days I had found a new one that was perfect for me. Not only is it in a fun color, it's able to handle all the software that I've downloaded (cough CS5) without any problems.

iHome - My iHome is the ultimate desk accessory. I originally bought this right before I started college for my desk at school, and I'm still using it today. I love that it doubles as an lamp and iPod charger!

Carryall - All the desk supplies I need on a daily basis. It holds the only pens I'll use (Pilot Easy Touch), scissors, white board markers, and this awesome cell phone handset (similar here) that I use all the time!

Tea towel - After I got my desk repainted two months ago, I wanted to put something under my laptop to keep the heat that radiates from it from ruining my desk. I found this cheery tea towel at TJ Maxx, and love the bright pop of color it adds.

Useless Drawer - My desk is apart of my built-ins, so I only have this one drawer. As you can tell from the title, it is absolutely useless. It's not very deep, so it doesn't hold much. On the inside, I have additional pens, markers, tape, memory cards, and USB cords for my laptop.

Photo 2

Sarah Pinto Planner - My planner is the only thing I use to keep track on my schedule. I don't know what I would do if it was ever lost! I keep it at my desk so it's easily at my finger tips whenever I need it.

Kindle Touch - Behind my planner is my Kindle simple touch. I just use it to read, and I love it. Since I bought it last February, I have found myself reading so much more! On the metro, at dinner, waiting for interviews - all the time! I keep it covered with a Kate Spade case.

Stationery - I keep all my stationery and post-it notes in a vintage cigar box from my grandfather. I use this stuff every day, so I like to have it where I can easily access it. On top of the cigar box is the box I got my Coach poppy gift set in. It's basically the equivalent of a junk drawer. One of these days I will clean it out.

To-Do - If you couldn't tell, I am the kind of person who is constantly making lists. Mostly, it's for things that I need to get done for the week, songs I want to buy, blog posts I need to write, and people I need to e-mail. I keep all my lists until everything in crossed off in red pen!

Keychain Collection - Over the past couple of years, I have developed quite the decent keychain collection. I never need to get my car keys out because they are wireless, so it's useless to hang my key

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  1. if you keep your laptop on fabric instead of a hard surface it will overheat and ruin the hard drive, just fyi


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