Monday, December 31, 2012

The Ultimate Running Playlist

The other day, I did a post about cold weather running essentials. However, no matter what the season, there is nothing more important than an awesome playlist! The perfect playlist can encourage you to run the extra mile when your legs feel like giving out, or get you pumped up to get going out the door in the first place. To be honest, the only reason I think I run is for my music! I love to listen to new music, and running is the best time to do so.

With that being said, not all music is meant for running. For example, while I am loving the most recent Mumford and Sons album for my commute to work, it's not the kind of music that would get me excited about running. I need music that makes me feel good about myself, while at the same time telling me to push myself harder. 

For this playlist, I pulled up some of my favorite running music. As you can see, I definitely have an eclectic taste in music. From country, to alternative to rap, I'll listen to almost anything. These are just a sample of my favorites that get me going when I'm running - I hope you enjoy!

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