Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A week in Instagram

Alright, so I'm a little bit behind. For some reason after the holidays ended, I stopped taking pictures on my iPhone. No fear, I am trying to get back up to speed again in the coming weeks.

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1. Getting up extra early really sucks sometimes, but a gorgeous sunrise almost makes it worthwhile.

2. I loved the Alice and Olivia bikes that were especially designed for Target. Too bad I have no reason to get one!

3. I love when I can peel a clementine in one piece.

4. I finally picked up my free birthday gift from Sephora: fresh sugar lip balm!

5. Trying out the new waffle food truck in my town on a cold Saturday morning.

6. I couldn't resist buying another Lilly Pulitzer ornament during the winter sale - it was half off!

7. It's finally time for conversation hearts! I know no one else likes them (much like candy corn), but I love them!

8. I spent my Saturday night playing 15+ rounds of the most sophisticated version of Guess Who? I have ever seen.

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