Thursday, January 31, 2013

Shades of Pink

Shirt: Victoria's Secret
Pants: Lilly Pulitzer
Necklace: Claire*s
Shoes: Coach
Belt: Gap

It's not even February, but I am already in the Valentine's day spirit! Perhaps it's because Target starts setting up the displays for the "Hallmark holiday" the day after Christmas, but I can't wait until the big day. Ever since I was a kid, I loved receiving cards with popular cartoon characters, watching cheesy romcoms, and eating candy hearts. In addition, I love the combination of pink and red. It's such a cheery and pretty pairing.

These bright pants were just calling out to be paired with pink. Personally, I love a monochromatic color ensemble. However, it's important to make sure you choose two completely contrasting hues like violet and lilac, or navy and baby blue. I've found that if the hue is too similar, you end up looking like a blob, which isn't a good look for anyone! So, I decided to pair my coral skinnies with a pale pink tee. For finishing touches, I doubled up on a extra long strand of pearls, and slipped on sparkly sequined flats. Now, how much longer until I can eat all the candy I want?
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