Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A week in Instagram: California

Earlier this month, I spent a week in San Francisco with my family visiting my half-sister, her husband, and their young son. I had an opportunity to see so many great landmarks, sample a lot of delicious food, and relax! Here's what my vacation looked like through Instagram

1. Listening to some old-school JT on my five-hour flight out.

2. Our view right across the street from our hotel.

3. Touring Stanford's campus on a beautiful sunny day.

4. Stanford vs UNLV baseball game with the family!

5. After a short half-hour drive, I couldn't believe just how high up we were!

6. Pier 39 in the early morning before all the tourists arrived.

7. On the ferry on the way to see Alcatraz!

8. After finishing the scenic 17-mile drive, we ended up at the 18th hole of Pebble Beach.

9. My mom and I celebrated the 20th anniversary of our move out to Hawaii with a mai tai. Aloha!

10. Looking out at the Bay Bridge at dusk.

11. While in Monterey, I ran into a candy shop with the most diverse selection of saltwater taffy. I left with a whole bag!

12. On our last night in San Francisco, we caught the view of downtown San Fran from historic Lombard St.

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