Thursday, March 21, 2013

Timeless Pieces

Dress: Diane von Furstenberg 
Camisole: Calvin Klein
Shoes: Lauren Ralph Lauren

I know that I've said this at least 10 times now, but I really don't have a lot to work with at my boyfriends apartment. I have several pairs of jeans, a pile or so of worn-in t-shirts, and a couple of my favorite dresses. Because I knew that I wouldn't be getting dressed up more than twice a week, it really wasn't necessary to bring the majority of the things I own.

However, I knew I would probably be going on several interviews while I was down here. So, it was crucial that I brought dresses with me that I really loved, as well as being versatile. This signature wrap dress was one of the few that made the cut. Wrap dresses are flattering on everyone - they instantly create an hourglass figure, and make sure everything stays covered. Paired with the perfect pair of black leather stilettos and my Longchamp bag (not seen), I was interview-ready in no time flat!

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