Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A week in Instagram

Here's what things have been looking like on Instagram as of lately (albeit a bit quieter than usual, again).

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1. My new tote for my gym clothes. I love the Container Store!

2. Gordon Biersch with my boyfriend after some Saturday afternoon shopping.

3. Oh, and the shoe department of Lord and Taylor at 8 p.m. Sorry, I worked retail for four and a half years, and don't know when this would ever be excusable.

4. The best way to spend a Sunday at the spring is at a Nationals game with my boyfriend.

5. Great seats, great price. Can't beat it! #natitude 

6. When you don't know what to do for dinner, breakfast is always an option.

7. Back at our alma mater for graduation 2013! Where has the last year gone?

8. And finally, the best find in weeks. Thanks to Facebook and an acquaintance, I now own a gamecube again (my mom gave away the one my brothers and I shared in the early 2000s). #winning

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