Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Week in Instagram


Here's what things have been looking like on Instagram recently.

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1. It took three years of DAILY use to notice "established" was spelled wrong on my water bottle. 

2. A pretty glass light fixture at the Borgata Casino.

3. Pausing to watch a water show while shopping.

4. An early evening bike ride before heading to the kickball field.

5. Listening to the cows sing with my nephew on the chocolate factory tour at Hershey Park.

6. Nothing like a beautiful sunset to end the night.

7. I work at a Fortune 500, and someone can't spelled "use." #facepalm

8. The J. Crew store at the outlets had a line just to get in the store this weekend because of a fire hazard. And yes, I waited in line for a half an hour. Hello, I couldn't miss out on  40% off everything plus an additional 10% off!

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