Monday, August 19, 2013

Lilly Pulitzer Endless Summer Sale

Oh, hello all! What a crazy week it has been. As of last Tuesday, I officially moved into my new apartment in northern Virginia, and am loving every thing about it. Well, other than the unpacking. I really do love to organize and get everything settled in the perfect place, but only having three full days to do that? It's pretty difficult (and tiring, to say the least). For the past week, my routine has been the same: stop at the new apartment, drop off what I packed last night, go back to my old apartment, pack for the next day, and then go to sleep. 

Anyway, I'm finally feeling like at I'm home. I've reunited with my dresser, have a desk again (!!!), and have my entire wardrobe at my fingertips - not just a portion of it, like I did at the old place. It's perfection.

This morning I took a vacation day to wrap up loose ends, and finish getting everything unpacked. Coincidentally, it just happened to be the first day of the Lilly Pulitzer endless summer sale. Now, I'm no stranger to the sale, so I'm familiar with it crashing, not working, and losing items that were in your cart. This year, I was extremely lucky, and got the two things I had been looking for at a great price. It did take me an hour and a half to check out, and I hit refresh probably over 200 times, but I'm just happy my order went through. I got the somerset dress in "You Gotta Regatta," and the worth straight jeans in seamist (since I love the coral ones so much), both shown below.

I should be back to regular posting tomorrow. Now that the move is over, I feel like my life can slow down a little bit!

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