Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A week (or so) in Instagram

With summer coming to an end, I haven't been making as many outings as usual. But fear not - that should be changing in coming weeks, and I'll be back to posting photos of my journeys through Instagram.

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1. The good life vox box! Thanks, Influenster.

2. Taking one last dip in Atlantic City over Labor Day weekend. (I told you, I'm behind).

3. Checking out a Mellow Mushroom, the newest pizza joint in my area.

4. Taking advantage of free tickets to King's Dominion for my fiance's employee appreciation day.

5. My last Rita's for the season, and my favorite flavor to date - raspberry lemonade.

6. Brunching at the Silver Diner after a long trip to the DMV for my Virginia license.

7. Looking up at the Maryland Wine Festival.

8. Catching up with friends from college = the best way to spend the weekend.

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  1. D'aw I love the wine fest photos, thanks for taking it!


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