Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Cardigan: Lacoste
Tank: J. Crew
Pants: J. Brand
Bag: Longchamp
Belt: Gap
Shoes: BCBGeneration

Does anyone remember the days before Pinterest? Try to imagine things one, two, or even three years ago. Pre-historic times, right? How did we find new recipes? Learn about the newest trends? Remember that fabulous outfit we wanted to recreate? Actually, I remember. I read cookbooks passed down from my mom, saved photos I liked from my favorite blogs in separate files on my computer, and clipped out magazines until there was nothing left. Ah, the good old days.

But now, Pinterest is just a click away. At our disposable during lunch at work, while riding the subway, or waiting at the doctor's office. It can definitely become a time trap if you're not careful, but it's an excellent source of inspiration if you follow the right people, and know what you're looking for.

Anyway, somehow I stumbled upon this pin, and was inspired to put together the above look. I would have never thought of pairing these pieces together on my own, but I just love how the whole outfit comes together. So cozy and comfortable, but still pulled together to wear in the office. Thanks, Pinterest! Pin It


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  2. Ah the days before Pinterest, I remember them well. My hard drive groans with the weight of all the pictures I saved from all corners of the internet! I still clip magazine articles though and file them in my scrapbook


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