Thursday, September 12, 2013

White after Labor Day

Shirt: Ralph Lauren
Pants: J Brand
Bracelet: Forever 21
Shoes: Cole Haan
Bag: Coach

Normally when I buy something new, I want to wear it immediately. After purchasing, the tags are cut off, and I'm pairing it with another well loved piece from my closet. Recently though, my new clothes have been left hanging for weeks, or even months, in my closet. I'm not quite sure what has changed, but I do kind of enjoying pulling out something fresh and new after going months without really shopping.

Like this crisp gingham button up from Ralph Lauren. I bought it while on a major shopping trip with my mom in the middle of June. Now, nearly three months later, I am finally wearing it for the first time. Of course, when I bought it I knew it would pair perfectly with my white jeans. Yet, now that I'm finally wearing this shirt, it's "technically" too late to be wearing white, as it's after Labor Day. Whatever. Who follows the rules of fashion, anyway?
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